• Maria Posicelskaya ASPU
  • Tatyana Rudchenko ASPU
  • Alexey Semyonov ASPU


Axiology, value, primary mathematical education, independent discoveries, inventions, agreements


The paper describes a general approach to the problem of values in elementary mathematical education, which consists in educating the student's orientation towards solving new, unexpected problems, independent discoveries and inventions. Mathematics is the most natural field for the formation of such abilities. It can be quite traditional, the usual content of a mathematics course, to which a non-standard approach is implemented. The paper considers an example of the implementation of this approach in the initial lessons of arithmetic: a training module dedicated to recalculating a significant number of objects, which will allow children to feel the value of discovery and understand the value of an agreement. Our experience shows that the described approach really makes it possible to form students' readiness and empathy for independent discovery and invention, solving problems that are “unknown-how-to-solve” already at the elementary school level. It is also important that this approach does not contain complex methodological secrets and can be accepted by many elementary school teachers and students of a pedagogical university.


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